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50 Shades of Beige

When a  company outright refuses to expand the color-range for their skin makeup to include People of Color yet takes time and effort into capturing all the nuances of beige, it’s understandably disheartening. I’ve seen many voice their concerns over through social media only to be silenced by empty promises and/ or told to stop complaining and shop somewhere elsedrugstore

Personally, I refuse to buy from any brand that doesn’t cater to deep skin tones. Unfortunately, options can be severely limited when shopping in the drugstore. Although there are drugstore brands such as  Covergirl, Milani, NYX and Wet N Wild, these are brands are sometimes not offered. When offered, the shades for deeper skintones are mysteriously never stocked leading me and like myself to buying online or higher end.50 brown

Due to the existence of  brands with broad and diverse ranges I feel no brand has an excuse. The technology and market clearly exists. The world in general is becoming increasingly multi-ethnic. There is no reason for brands to continue making 20 shades of beige and one random brown shade. Especially when you consider the fact that consumers are more likely to repurchase from a brand that have had success with.

If a brand has chosen to have limited shades, I interpret that as they do not care about my money. They obviously think they are doing well enough as is without WOC. If release after release, only the same colours are made, voices are silenced on social media while invalidating their customers’ thoughts and feelings, it has to be asked: what is the value of putting money in their pockets when they are making it clear that you are of no value as a customer?solange

At the end of the day, I cannot tell anyone how to spend their hard-earned money. I have decided to personally follow the words of the Goddess Solange in every aspect. I, and my money, will go where appreciated.


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