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Your Trash Is NOT Charity

I am CHEAP. I am not going to sugarcoat the truth and employ any of the other many euphemisms that exist such as frugal or economical. However, no matter how cheap I may be I arbor the concept of hating 'wasteful' people. Now I am not arguing against reduce negative ecological impact and I am… Continue reading Your Trash Is NOT Charity

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Reluctant to Forgive

  Jeffree Star released a video titled "Racism" a little over 2 weeks ago and the online Youtube-focused sphere lost its shit. As things have calmed, I have decided to voice my opinion. Disclaimer: I have not watched the video and do not intend. Instead I read a detailed summary. I personally believe in actions… Continue reading Reluctant to Forgive

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There Are Implications

I have often been told I take everything too seriously, and that may be a valid critique but it should be acknowledged that this statement is typically meant to derail any comments/ arguement I have about a particular topic. In this case of the beauty industry, my criticisms are often dismissed by being too serious… Continue reading There Are Implications